Why Innovation is important in Design Industry?




February 27, 2021

Innovation is the fuel that runs the engine of any industry. Like any other industry, innovation is extremely important in the design industry as well. Technological innovation in the design industry is the modifications, computer advancements, and creativity to gain business innovation. Innovation design's sole purpose is to devise a technologically viable design, feasible business strategy, and gain value in the market.

We see innovation in design in almost every website we use, like the website or every game we play. It is observed in card games like the Potato pirates and many more. With innovation by its side, the design industry has seen a boom in its growth and creativity. The importance of innovation in design could be highlighted from the following points:


  • Creative structure of a product

The design industry is aimed at forming the structure and focus of a product. These two qualities of focus and structure need innovation to be unique and feasible. Without technological innovation, a product will lag behind its competitor, making innovation even more important in the design industry.


  • Fulfilment of needs of users

The sole purpose of the design industry is to make a product that is useful and beautiful. Innovation design serves the purpose of providing the user with a feasible, technologically viable, and beautiful product. Innovation is the bridge between the needs of the customer and provisions by a company.


  • Solutions to complex problems

With technological advancements, there are newer problems that are existing in the industry which never existed before. The problems in the design industry could be solved by business innovation. Innovations has been able to find practical solutions to the shortcomings of the design of a product.


  • Increased market opportunities

Everyone wants a product that is designed very innovatively. If a product is innovative, it will be famous in the market because customers seek a change from their monotonous product usage. As market opportunities are increased, the company will see an increase in its revenue, and an increase in revenue means increased profits. The major aim of earning profits is thus fulfilled due to the business innovation model adopted.


  • A sustainable approach

Today is an era where several environmental crises are happening around the world. With such happenings, every designer has the duty and responsibility to create a product that is designed to be environment-friendly. This sustainable approach could only be achieved if there is innovation in the design of the product. Innovation enables the product to be technologically viable, feasible for nature, and serves the purpose of its being. Thus, innovation is the future of the design industry.

According to the Design Value Index data- an investment tool, companies that have integrated their corporate strategy with design thinking outpace their competition and industry peers by as high as 228 percent. The design industry is booming and has a huge scope in the future.

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