World Creativity and Innovation Day




April 23, 2021

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

— Theodore Levitt

From a small advertisement of a product to technical gadgets we purchase, Creativity and Innovation can be observed everywhere. 

The autopilot mode introduced by Tesla; the electric scooters are some of the examples of creativity. Who thought our phone could be flexible like that of Flip and Fold series of Samsung? Therefore, it is quite evident that big tech giants are seeking innovative aspects in every product they launch.

But do you know what they actually mean? Well, creativity could be defined as a quality that helps you think of unique ideas and turning them into reality, whereas innovation could be defined as the process to make these ideas accessible to a wider section of the audience.


What is World Creativity and Innovation Day?

Celebrated on April 21 every year, World Creativity and innovation day is a global UN day. It is celebrated to create awareness about the significance of creativity and Innovation in today’s world, especially in the problem-solving aspect with respect to UN global goals. The World Creativity and innovation day has gained much momentum lately due to the following reasons – 


  • This day encourages everyone to think of ideas that are creative and innovative to increase productivity.
  • It encourages people to use their creative problem-solving abilities to find solutions for problems that are novel.
  • In this pandemic era where economies of the globe are badly suffering, the need for creative and innovative instincts is felt more than ever.
  • This day motivates people to achieve their new goals and outcomes and take action in regards to a problem.
  • The sole spirit of this day is to make this world a better place.

Therefore, there can be no denying that Creativity and Innovation are the initial aspects that consumers seek nowadays to be attracted to a product. Probably that's why many organizations are promoting creative and innovative work culture. Creative Innovation could be promoted in an organization by adopting the following measures:


  • An open environment should be created where the employees' open flow of ideas is encouraged by the employer, and failure of any form is not reprimanded rather appreciated for trying.
  • The motivation drive, both intrinsic and extrinsic, should be enhanced in individuals by rewarding the winners.
  • There should be a diversified culture and team in an organization as a single dominant characteristic may lead to groupthink and similar sort of ideas.
  • Proper tools and resources should be provided to an employee for implementation of their creative and innovative ideas.
  • An innovative culture needs to be adopted in an organization where regular brainstorming sessions are held, and open communication is encouraged.
  • Innovation must be seen as a company’s goal, and contextual ideas must be accepted in congruence with the goals of the company.


According to McKinsley Global Innovation Survey, 84% of the working executives realize the importance of Innovation in growth strategy. Thus, Innovation and creativity are an inseparable part of a company’s culture. 

Regardless of your job, you have the capacity to be innovative and creative that too in your day-to-day work.  But what changes the whole story plot is the foundation of an individual. 

Owing to this increased significance innovation assumes in today’s world, many elite institutions are offering courses to comprehend the significance. One such leading institution is MIT ID that offers an MIT ID innovation program to open doors to opportunities for an individual for a bright future. 

Thus, if you are seeking an institution to mentor you in your journey to success, MIT ID is where you should be. 

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