An Overview Of Creativity And Innovation Management




June 2, 2021

In an ever-growing and competitive world, creativity is the best tool for success. But it should be properly utilized. Without good management companies will find a decrease in their profits, even if they have good creative ventures. This blog aims to introduce and explain the very significant topic of creativity and innovation management.


What is creativity and innovation management?

It is a tool that fills the gap between the theory and practical applications of organizing imagination and innovation.  It is a tool that gives managers insights into introducing innovation within their organizations. It also helps in boosting the development of the creative performance in their staff. 94% of managers look for creativity while enrolling candidates.

There are five pillars in creativity and innovation management. These are:

  • Communication: Make it clear how much you/the company values innovation. Create an innovative platform where everyone can brainstorm and share their ideas. Through communication and a sharing of common space, build trust and loyalty.
  • Time: Manage time between projects. Make a setlist of hours that the staff can spend working on their own projects, which can boost their creativity while working on the company projects.
  • Control activity: Control the amount of work that is given to be completed on a deadline. It’s important to not overload the epmoyees’ mind with work during creative hours.
  • Control results: The work assigned and the results it yields should have a clear balance. One should not compromise the other.
  • Recognition for the best work: All employees fancy a little appreciation. Hand out awards and certificates for the best work as a reward for their hard work.


What are creativity and innovation in the workplace?

To encourage the best creative and innovative mindsets in the workplace companies have to strictly follow the above-given pillars. Innovation can only happen when an organization embraces the ‘way things could be’ and lets go of the ‘way things are’. The staff should learn to embrace the nuances in an already established idea and alter them for the better.

Innovation at the basic level is ‘what ifs’, these are just ideas that may or may not work. After brainstorming and producing these ideas, companies have to go through a trial and error program to choose the best. But when you think of an idea, you modify it, process it, and experiment on it to mold it into an even better and bigger product or concept. This end product is the fruit of your innovation.

Encourage an active and creative workplace. Creative ideas should be the norm. Don’t care if the ideas start as basic cliches, don’t reject, explain the problem and why it won’t work in a market. Constructive criticism and practice are the best tools to encourage better ideas.


How do creativity and innovation enhance business growth and development?

Raw intelligence can only get you to the moon. To reach the stars you need to work hard and grow with every mistake. Creativity and innovation are the best tools to possess in a business venture. Creativity and innovation management lead to the overall success of an organization since it’s better to have a task force of hardworking creative individuals than a few intelligent workers. 61% of workers in a survey stated they are embracing open innovation.

Creativity is the mix of combining two different thoughts. The divergence of these thoughts allows the staff to think of unique solutions and products while convergence focuses the flow of ideas on the basis of the organization’s objective, leading to new innovative products that can help your company grow and progress.

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