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October 28, 2021

Innovation is necessary in the present world to grow, and it is essential to drive your creativity towards growth. With the growing dependence of different job sectors on creativity, it has become increasingly important to secure a certificate in this field to become an expert.

Thankfully, in India, MIT ID Innovation is one such institute that offers a certification in innovation, and it offers certification courses as well as post-graduation courses in this field. The institute is globally renowned in the field of design thinking, innovation, and digital transformation.

Certificate in Innovation offered by MIT ID Innovation

Getting a certificate in Innovation acts as a powerful tool in gaining essential and advanced knowledge in the field of Innovation and technology. With expertise in Innovation, an individual can introduce new innovative ideas in a specific field, be it technical or medical. Thus, getting a certificate course in Innovation is crucial.

MIT ID Innovation is a pioneer in Innovation, with expert faculty imparting extensive knowledge to the students. The institution offers these courses in Innovation, which are well-known among all industry professionals and significant innovators.

Advanced Certificate in Innovation & Experience Design

An online course held over virtual platforms offers the students an opportunity to know the fundamentals of innovation and user experience design. This course not just focuses on Innovation but also helps the student demystify the concept of design. It will make you familiar with concepts such as User Research, Accelerated Conceptualisation, and Early Validation.

The program will combine and integrate technology, design, and business to develop your approach and perspective towards Innovation. You’ll develop holistically as you experience immersive peer learning through group activities and role-plays. Additionally, real-life case studies will be discussed during the course with augmented learning through online sessions.

On-campus 1 year PG Diploma in Innovation

MIT ID Innovation also offers one of the best post-graduate diploma in innovation, which will combine design, thinking, and business to develop a holistic approach towards innovation. The course is MIT ID Innovation’s Flagship Programme.

It promotes individual attention to the students as it includes 25 innovators only. The program is project-based, providing students with the chance to develop their strategies. The course is:

  • Designed for creative graduates/working professionals from diverse backgrounds
  • Project-based and places emphasis on providing practical knowledge
  • Perfect for making the students realize their inner potential and strengths using industry-approved methods, resources, and tools.
  • Development-oriented as it provides innovators-in-the-making opportunities for closely collaborating with industry professionals and experts.
  • Experience-rich as it provides chances for internships, practical projects, and boot camps.

This certificate in innovation course has effective outcomes on the minds of young innovators, and it makes them confident and capable of delivering superior values to innovative initiatives of institutions.

It also helps them in delivering disruptive solutions and combines this ability of students with frameworks and skills that span a wide spectrum of disciplines like new product development, business skills, and many more.

About MIT ID Innovation

MIT ID Innovation is a leading institute in India that nurtures think tanks and nourishes their creativity. We offer students a platform to express their innovative ideas and provide them with the necessary resources and tools to help in their development.

Our institute was founded to create a new breed of innovative thinkers and people who could revolutionize industries. We provide expert and highly-educated faculty who are globally recognized. We also offer numerous resources to students and make sure that their limit is the sky!

If you’re looking for the best course for getting a Certificate in Innovation, enroll in MIT ID Innovation today! For more information and details, visit our website or call us!

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