Comparing International Vs. Local Institutes For PG Diploma In Innovation: Pros And Cons



September 1, 2023

Innovation and Technology drive today’s world. No matter which industry we are considering, the perfect blend of innovation and technology will rapidly grow the industry. The Indian economy is also undergoing a significant change due to the strong focus on innovation and technology. For the first time, India entered the top 40 nations on the Global Innovation Index (GII) in 2022. According to the R&D Statistics and Indicators FY20 of India, due to the growth of innovation, India has seen a growth in women's participation in extramural R&D projects. The participation rate increased from 13%(2013) to 24%(2016-17). Amazing right? Yes, this is the amount of power the concept of innovation holds! If you are willing to keep up with this rapidly evolving world, a PG Diploma in Innovation will be the perfect course for you. Innovation Courses in India are one of the significant courses in today’s world. Backed by technology, these courses make you stand out in the competitive world.

However, the most common problem students face in pursuing this field of study is choosing the right institute. It is very obvious to get overwhelmed by the number of local or international choices. That is why we are here to help you make an informed decision. In this article, we will discuss one of the most significant Innovation Courses In India: A PG Diploma in Innovation, and also which institute to choose. Keep reading to learn more!


PG Diploma in Innovation: Explained

PG Diploma in Innovation introduces cutting-edge concepts. Subjects taught in India span creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship. A diverse curriculum equips students with real-world challenges. In addition, it fosters skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and adaptability. Industry collaborations provide hands-on experience and exposure. Furthermore, graduates gain a competitive edge in the job market.

The thriving start-up ecosystem offers exciting career opportunities. Students can work as product managers, innovation strategists, design thinking facilitators, and digital marketing experts. The average salary of a product manager is around an average annual salary of ₹ 16.5 Lakhs. On the other hand, the average salary for an Innovation strategist is ₹21,67,638.

Multinational corporations seek innovative minds for growth. Besides, impactful solutions always address societal and environmental issues. Students can contribute to economic and social transformation. Furthermore, Collaboration with international scholars broadens global perspectives. Also, Networking opportunities fuel professional connections and partnerships. And we all know Innovation-driven economies drive sustainable development and progress.


Best Institute for PG Diploma in Innovation

Benefits of Pursuing a PG Diploma in Innovation

Unlock your innovation potential with a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation! Embrace creativity, cutting-edge knowledge, and exciting career prospects. The benefits include:

  • You will be able to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and flexibility abilities, as these are necessary for success in demanding workplaces.
  • You can examine projects and collaborations to get knowledge pertinent to market demands.
  • The certificate raises employability and opens doors to various positions and advancements that prioritize creativity.
  • Gaining an entrepreneurial edge will assist you in starting profitable businesses or adding new ideas to ones that currently exist.
  • Be a part of the movement of innovators who solve world problems with fresh concepts for a sustainable future.


Pros and Cons of International Institutes for PG Diploma in Innovation

Considering an international PG Diploma in Innovation? Delve into its advantages and drawbacks to make an informed choice. Let's explore!

Pros of International Institutes for PG Diploma in Innovation:

Here are some of the major pros of one of the most popular Innovation Courses In India:

  • Global Exposure: Access to various worldviews and cultural practices.
  • Reputable Faculty: Take classes from world-renowned inventors.
  • Vast research opportunities: Participate in difficult research projects to do cutting-edge research.
  • Industry Connections: Making contact with people and organizations all across the world.
  • Enhanced reputation: Credentials with a better reputation will open more career options.

Cons of International Institutes for PG Diploma in Innovation:

Here are some of the major cons of one of India's most popular Innovation Courses:

  • Higher costs: Living costs and tuition fees could be high.
  • Immigration and visas: Handling convoluted visa procedures.
  • Cultural Adjustment: Getting used to a different cultural setting.
  • Homesickness: Feeling distant or homesick due to distance.
  • Fewer chances of scholarships: Fewer scholarship opportunities due to the lack of passing eligibility tests.


Pros and Cons of Local Institutes for PG Diploma in Innovation

Contemplating a local Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation? Unearth the benefits and limitations to determine your ideal path. Let's delve in!

Pros of Local Institutes for PG Diploma in Innovation

Discover the advantages of pursuing a PG Diploma in Innovation at local institutes. Cost, relevance, and networking perks await!

  • Cost-Effective: Being a local institute, they will offer students lower tuition fees and living expenses.
  • Familiar Environment: Easier cultural adaptation and proximity to home.
  • Local Relevance: Tailored curriculum addressing regional innovation needs.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to local industry connections and support.
  • Potential Financial Aid: More scholarships and funding options for eligible candidates.

Cons of Local Institutes for PG Diploma in Innovation

Explore the potential drawbacks of opting for a PG Diploma in Innovation at local institutes. Consider limitations before deciding! The cons include

  • Limited Global Exposure: You will get access to fewer opportunities for international collaboration and perspectives.
  • Faculty Expertise: Limited within a particular area, fewer renowned experts in innovation fields are possible.
  • Research Resources: You will get limited access to cutting-edge research facilities and equipment.
  • Restricted Job Market: Lesser scope for international job placements and opportunities.
  • Narrowed Diversity: Very few chances to interact with a culturally diverse student body.


Comparison between International and Local Institutes for PG Diploma in Innovation

Should you choose an international or local institute for your Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation? Let's evaluate the options together!

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Factors to consider when choosing between International and Local Institutes for PG Diploma in Innovation.

Factors to consider when choosing between International and Local Institutes for PG Diploma in Innovation.

Choosing between international and local institutes for a PG Diploma in Innovation? Consider the following factors: 

  • Career Goals and Aspirations: One major factor to consider while choosing the university for a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation. You must match your goals and aspirations with the university offerings. Also, consider the job market of both international and national universities. 
  • Financial Considerations: Another major factor to consider when choosing a university for Innovation Courses in India. You must evaluate the costs associated with the university you are choosing. Also, consider scholarships, grants, and funding options that may be available. You can apply for them every year also!
  • Personal Preferences: You must align your preferences with the university's learning environment. This will help you to stay more productive and efficient all the time. Some students thrive in their own country, while some are comfortable in a new environment.
  • Networking Opportunities: Consider the networking opportunities available at each type of institute. International institutes are best if you are willing to make your career grow in the global market. While local institutes will limit the opportunity to make your career grow worldwide. 


Wrapping Up

Choosing the best university for a PG Diploma in Innovation depends on the perfect evaluation. You need to consider every crucial factor, including their pros and cons, to make the most informed decision. Remember, success can be gained on both paths. The key is to ultimately choose the course of action that suits your preferences the most. Also, you need to make yourself go deeper into the course to learn more and excel in this field. You can also change the rapidly growing world by pursuing one of the major Innovation Courses in India, a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation.
If you are looking for the best Innovation Courses in India, look no further than MIT Institute of Design, Maharashtra. It is the top design school offering a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation. The one-year Program is a holistic Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation. Combining Design, Technology, Business, and Humanities, it sparks creativity and fosters innovation. In addition, the program is UGC-approved and has a limited batch size of 25 students.


There are various reasons why you opt for a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation, including: Enhance creative problem-solving skills. Foster entrepreneurial mindset and ventures. Acquire cutting-edge industry knowledge. Develop innovative product development expertise. Expand professional network opportunities.

Various subjects are been taught in a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation: Innovation Management Entrepreneurship and Startups Design Thinking and Creativity Technology and Innovation Business Model Innovation Marketing and Product Development Intellectual Property and Patents Project Management for Innovation Innovation and Organizational Change Market Research and Analysis

The duration of the Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation is 1 Year. In MIT ID, admission takes place on a monthly cycle basis.

There are various reasons why you should choose MIT ID for Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation, including A reputed institution with an innovation-focused curriculum. Industry-experienced faculty fostering creativity. Immersive hands-on learning approach. Strong industry collaborations and partnerships. Vast alumni network for support.

Answer:Yes, definitely! Many organizations offer certifications and programs in design thinking. For example, the MIT Institute of Design provides certification courses such as the Innovation and Design Thinking Certification program.

You must invest around Rs.600000 to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation in MIT ID Innovation.

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