Framework for Strategic Innovation




March 18, 2021

 In today's world, "adapt or die" becomes a crucial approach for businesses' success. Therefore, innovation acts as a significant role in businesses as it helps in growth, keeps the business relevant, and helps businesses stand out with a unique personality. 

An organization needs a multidisciplinary and holistic framework that allows businesses to employ a strategic approach to innovation. Strategic Innovation is the development of new product categories, business models, growth strategies, and services that completely change the game and bring new values of innovation in entrepreneurship, consumers, and customers. To help you with creating a successful Innovation framework, we have mentioned 6 key steps that will help you create an Innovation Framework - 


  • Create a Scalable Platform for Success

An Innovation framework is a scalable and worldwide platform developed to tackle your employees' creative skills and talents by residing in alignment and your corporate approach. Basically, it is a strategic procedure to bring innovation that offers a way to act on the latest ideas. 


  • Develop the accurate Organizational Principles

A prime key to promote innovation in your company is to develop a category of innovation proficient's. These champions promote a solid transformation of ideas for big complications that can have adverse effects on the company. 


  • Captivate Your Company's Employees 

The true evaluation of any aspect is how others amazingly grasp and accept it or execute it well on their own. It is said that bringing the right people at the start can mean a better option for success in the end.  

Well, it is the power of innovation for Employees. Therefore, it is essential to close the coupling of employees to the program's sustainability and success. 


  • Develop an Idea Management Tool 

Idea Management tool performs a crucial role in the strategic innovation framework. It contributes a great helping hand for employees to participate and maintain transparency to the entire procedure. This tool also supports social collaborations with both subject matter experts and innovation experts to explore more potential resources and ideas. 


  • Keep a Sharp eye on Targeted Innovation. 

Having an Innovation Framework also helps stakeholders to deal with several challenges and solve troubles. You can call it "Targeted Innovation." Whenever you begin your innovation framework, make use of targeted innovation to focus on improvements needed in existing products and services. It also helps to train employees on this latest new approach to innovation and collaborations. 


  • Organize the backend of innovation 

Well, the screening procedure is made on the premise of lessening risk factors while offering incremental funding, recognition, and rewards ideas to proceed successfully. The prime goal behind it is to identify and execute highly-effective business ideas rapidly. 

Consequently, the strategic innovation framework's execution will prove highly beneficial and productive for the company's growth. It helps in boosting productivity, reducing costs, improving brand value, building new connections and partnerships, and most importantly in boosting the turnover rate. Innovation in Entrepreneurship enables you to solve troubles and offer creative ideas that allow you to observe things from a different perspective. Understanding and promoting an innovation culture and implementing innovation for employees in the business needs a visionary mindset. 

Imparting industry-centric knowledge and skills, MIT ID Innovation is one of the top design schools across the country that strives to transform raw talent into an asset that can create and design an unbeatable strategic innovation framework.

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