Introduction To System Innovation – A Journey of Transformation




May 23, 2022

A collection of interacting components, governed by a set of rules, form a whole unified entity or the system. An introduction to system innovation refers to the restructuring of social, economic, and technological systems. These systems are influenced and affected by the external environment. In the era of new, revolutionary developments in information technology, innovation is increasingly crucial to competitive survival and success. System changes are necessary to make economies socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

This article will give you an introduction to system innovation and its journey of transformation.


System Innovation initiated by Crisis

The disruptive effect of the Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge to the existence of humans. Survival in such a scenario forced people to realize the need for novel systems that would ensure sustainability and self-reliance. It was an amalgamation of challenges and pressing opportunities that brought introduction to system innovation and radical changes in the systems governing human society. Most of the systems that are an integral part of our lives were forced to change or were under pressure to change. This was due to the global pervasiveness of

  • Lockdowns
  • Isolation
  • Social insecurity

Covid-19 played an important role in system innovation as it exposed the incapability of the existing system to handle the crisis. Led by a global collaborative effort to find better solutions, the environment not only challenged the existing system but was conducive to change itself. The new systemic changes that emerged were-

  • Work from home
  • Online learning by students, even at the primary level
  • Enhanced development of biopharmaceutical companies
  • Development of new vaccines
  • Collaborative medical research and treatment techniques

In this era of vast available knowledge, artificial intelligence and specialization, innovation can not be limited to an individual. The best results have always been from collaborating teams with effective communication skills.


Innovation as a Process

Innovation is a process that ranges from opportunity identification, and ideation or invention to development, prototyping, production, marketing, and sales. It has been observed that innovations abound in an environment of crisis. The latest example of it is the crisis of climate change. Governments, activists, and individuals all are encouraging processes that minimize the ill effects of climate change. They are challenging existing systems, encouraging and working towards the development of alternate, innovative systems of energy and transport.


The 4 “Ps” of Innovation

1. Paradigm Innovation

In his book, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions,” physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn introduced the concept of a paradigm shift as a “fundamental change” in the core concepts, values and practices of a scientific community or discipline.

2. Process Innovation

In this process, there are changes in the way the service or the product is created and delivered. This process basically is all about optimisation.

3. Position Innovation

In this type of innovation, the perception of the consumers towards the product or service is altered in a positive way

4. Product Innovation

Perhaps the most self-explanatory of the four Ps, product innovation, is creating new products or making changes to products or services an organization offers.

There are opportunities galore,  a plethora of available knowledge which is cloud-based and is available to anyone having an internet connection-  in almost all fields of life, and emerging technologies.


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