Exploring the Curriculum: What to Expect from a 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation



September 27, 2023

In today's changing world driven by innovation, pursuing groundbreaking ideas and transformative shifts is important. Innovation Studies showcase that those MSMEs that practised innovation focused most on organizational innovation (27.3%), followed by product innovation (23.9%). This is important as it highlights the need for employees to be educated about innovation and design thinking. Businesses tend to prefer candidates with knowledge of innovation over those without.

The program aims to foster individuals' creativity and technical skills, propelling them toward a transformation journey. This article delves into the program's captivating curriculum, providing a glimpse into the thrilling experiences that lie ahead. We will explore the courses that ignite the imagination, from navigating the intricacies of design thinking to unravelling the secrets behind success.


What is a 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation?

Innovating can be both an artistic and scientific endeavor and a 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation captures this attractive combination wonderfully. This diploma program, part of the larger Innovation Studies program, is a specialized and intense course to cultivate students' inventive ideas. It covers design thinking, technology, and creativity and gives students the skills they need to survive in today's changing world.

Pune Innovation Courses provide a great setting for hands-on learning and industry exposure in a city known for its strong startup ecosystem. The accelerated format of this program ensures that students quickly receive in-depth knowledge and practical insights, making them job-ready in a shorter period.


 Ignite Your Innovative Journey: Enroll in a 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation!


Why should you choose a 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation?

The 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation is an exciting and life-altering academic journey into the worlds of innovation and creativity. This combination equips future innovators with the ability to investigate design thinking approaches while embracing the possibilities of developing technologies.

Because students can finish the program quickly, they will be ready to work after just one year.

Students engage together on real-world innovation projects, gaining valuable experience and contacts in the field through teamwork and exposure to professionals.

The program's focus on encouraging students to think like entrepreneurs is a major strength. It also prepares students to take the reins of their businesses or make major contributions to existing organizations by encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset.

Students are equipped for real-world difficulties because of an emphasis on practical application and problem-solving. The curriculum helps people realize their full creative and technical potential, allowing them to become leaders in their chosen industries. Graduates of this program will be equipped with the knowledge, abilities, and self-assurance necessary to lead innovation-driven projects and transform society.


Opportunities following a one-year PG Innovation diploma

Graduates in the field of innovation studies can select from a variety of intriguing careers after earning a 1-year PG Diploma in innovation. Graduates are prepared for various intriguing and fulfilling occupations because they combine creative and technical skills. Let's examine the several choices that are available to them:

Innovation Manager/Consultant:

Graduates can work as managers of innovation or consultants, helping companies find opportunities for innovation and develop good plans for implementing new ideas.

Entrepreneur or founder of a startup:

Graduates interested in entrepreneurship may decide to launch their enterprises or work for startups, transforming innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Specialist in Product Development:

Graduates who possess these skills can succeed as product development professionals, coming up with, creating, and releasing new items to satisfy consumer demands.

Research and Development (R&D) Manager:

Graduates concentrating on developing novel technologies, products, or methods can manage R&D teams in research organizations or enterprises, which can help the organization flourish.

Innovation Policy Analyst:

Graduates interested in evaluating and developing policies promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and technical advancement can find employment in government or nonprofit institutions. 


Which exam should you take for the 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation?

Getting a 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation is an exciting journey that opens up a world of interesting options for aspiring innovators who want to use their creativity and technical skills. But before getting into Innovation Studies and looking into the different Innovation Courses in Pune, candidates must first figure out which entrance test they must take. Several choices, such as institution-specific tests that look for aptitude, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking, are all important for successful innovators. 

Some schools may also accept scores from well-known tests like the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) or the Common Admission Test (CAT), especially if the program focuses on entrepreneurship and the business side of innovation. The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) may be a good way for people who want to study abroad to enter foreign universities with similar innovation-focused programs. 
As people study for these exams, they should look into the unique requirements of the institutions they are interested in. This will help them make the best choice for their 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation.


What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in a 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation program?

The eligibility requirements for enrolling in a 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation program, also known as Innovation Studies or Innovation courses in Pune, are typically a bachelor's degree in any discipline. Applicants with appropriate work experience may get the job over those without. Some places may hire people without official work experience if they have a strong interest in creativity and innovation. Students who want to join the program should look into the unique requirements of the school that offers it since they may differ.



In conclusion, the MIT ID PG Diploma is an immersive, life-changing academic journey that sparks creativity and technical knowledge. The course provides in-depth knowledge about innovation and design thinking. It is available as an online course providing certification in design thinking and innovation, helping you stand out from your peers in your journey to the top corporate ladder. 

MIT ID also provides Innovation Studies which is a specialized program that successfully mixes design thinking with new technological developments. Students are provided with the resources necessary to become innovators and change agents in a society that is undergoing rapid transformation as a result of this.

Students are prepared to tackle real-world issues and collaborate with industry leaders due to the hands-on learning and business experience opportunities in Pune, a booming innovation centre. To better equip graduates to lead new projects and make a difference in their professions, it is helpful to place an emphasis on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. 

So, Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure in Pune, a city bustling with innovation courses, where creativity and innovation work together to make the future brighter and more creative.


The One-Year Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation is a specialized and all-encompassing curriculum that cultivates both creative ability and technical know-how in individuals who have the potential to be innovators. Graduates are prepared to be innovators and change-makers in a world that is changing rapidly thanks to the school's one-of-a-kind combination of design thinking and emerging technology, which sets it apart from other educational institutions.

The educational program stresses real-world application and problem-solving, which lets students work on innovation projects in the real world. By working with experts in the field, students gain important experience and contacts, making them better prepared to deal with problems in the real world.

This program has a fast-paced way of learning that gives graduates all the information and skills they need in just one year. The focus on helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset is a big strength because it gives them the skills they need to start their businesses or make a big difference in current ones.

Graduates of the 1-Year PG Diploma in Innovation may choose a variety of interesting professional pathways, such as innovation management, consultancy, entrepreneurship, product creation, and research and development positions. They can also help shape policy promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and technical progress in society.

The type of entrance test you take may depend on the educational institution and what it wants. Candidates should look into and think about institution-specific ability, problem-solving, and creative thinking tests. Some schools may accept test marks from well-known tests like the GATE, CAT, or GRE, especially for programs that focus on entrepreneurship or for students who want to study abroad.

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