Top Product Innovation Ideas That You Need To Know




June 2, 2021

Necessity is said to be the mother of inventions but isn’t innovation an important part too? Novel ideas and even concepts are being introduced in the market day in and out. People are more attracted to things they have not seen or experienced before; people need innovation! If ‘basic need’ were the only requirement of humans, there wouldn’t be a variety of concepts and competition in the market.

Did you know? About forty percent of the leaders and entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom fail because they fear their ideas. But, you can’t succeed if you don’t start. So, let us look at some  product innovation ideas that you need to know.


Latest product innovation ideas

  • A pillow that is meant to hold your tablet

Don’t you feel tired of holding that tablet in your hands for a long period of time? Would you not feel comfortable grabbing and hugging a pillow instead? A pillow tablet does that. It allows you to feel comfortable attending a long and boring online lecture or watching a cool movie.

  • A butter knife that heats

Ever forgot to remove the butter from the fridge the previous night? Yes, we all must have done that. How difficult would it be now to cut through that slab of butter to make a sandwich? This is when this butter knife comes in handy. It heats itself just enough to slice through the butter.

  • A mug that stirs for you

How much would you want your mug to do that for you? Just pour the milk, sugar and some coffee. Then all that’s remaining is to press a button for you to enjoy your cold coffee. It not only saves time and effort but also allows you to dirty lesser utensils. It also ensures a good mix and even makes some foam for you.

  • Magnetic overhead fridge strips

How likely is it for you to have a beer party but not enough room for you to store your beers? A magnetic overhead strip would be able to help you here. The caps of the beer bottle can easily stick to the magnetic strip inside the fridge. It not only will help you systematically store more bottles and help you with the chaos, but it also will be more organized and efficient.

  • A charger that charges itself

This is probably the best from all the latest product innovation ideas for all our travelling fans. A charger that can charge itself with the help of solar power is the best tool any traveller can wish to have. You would never have to worry about your phone or camera being dead!


Why is product innovation important?

It is extremely easy to create a new concept through editing a product, which can make it far more efficient than the previous one. Product innovation is a need of the market; people tend to get easily bored of the existing products in a matter of time. They need new products to try and amuse themselves.

The best way to come up with product innovation ideas is to understand the needs of the people. Pair one’s need with a new concept and idea to develop the best product.  


MIT ID Innovation is helping to boost your product innovation ideas

At MIT ID Innovation, you will be able to brainstorm the perfect ideas in our innovation lab. We will help you learn, experiment and implement your product ideas in a nurturing atmosphere. MIT ID Innovation also helps you understand the concept of design to create the best appearance for your product. Surely, your product will be on the hot-selling list soon!

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