What Is Service Innovation And Why Is It Gaining Importance?




June 1, 2021

In the last decade, service innovation has become increasingly common as a means of constantly improving current services and creating entirely new ones. Read on to learn more about what it means and why it's becoming incredibly relevant and important!


What Service Innovation IS exactly!

The innovative application of thought to the delivery of utilities and services is known as Service Innovation. Established programmes can be enhanced, or entirely new services can be created.

Consumer-centric: Service innovation focuses on identifying customer desires in order to make services more user-friendly, sustainable, and meaningful. The consumer interface is the main priority.

Holistic: The premise behind holistic Service Innovation is that the whole organisation is engaged in the process. As a result, the emphasis is not only on the customer-facing touchpoint, but also on internal business procedures and staff who are critical to the service's operation.

Interdisciplinary: Customers and staff collaborate in interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary teams. The team becomes engrossed in the challenge and tries out various ideas.


Service innovation: Iterative method to develop new services

Service innovation is focused on an iterative concept thinking approach in which staff from various divisions collaborate with the client in mind. A number of techniques are used in the process:

  • Analysis: Qualitative and quantitative research approaches to better appreciate staff and clients in the service setting.
  • Ideation: Strategies for generating new ideas that are both creative and human-centered.
  • Service prototyping: Methods for easily and cost-effectively testing new technologies before spending an obscene amount of money on their growth.

The first step in the Service Innovation process is to conduct research to determine what kind of service future consumers will want. According to the Global Innovation Barometer, CEOs have said that 40% of the innovations that have been incorporated by the workforce have had a positive impact.

Interdisciplinary teams generate concepts and design the first utility design based on this study. Usability, functionality, cost, consumer reaction, and other factors are all considered when prototyping. The new service can only be introduced if these experiments are successful.


Importance and impact of service invention

Service innovation can be used to create offerings that previously couldn’t meet consumer demands, open up new market opportunities, and help an organisation stand out from the competition. According to PwC’s Innovation Benchmark, 61% of the people and consumers in the study want to generate new ideas with the help of innovation.

Customers are looking for satisfying user interactions

The importance of emotional consumer interactions is growing. Because of the expanding opportunities and fast-moving product and service periods, customers' demands for the consumer experience of services are rising.

Distinguishing oneself from the competition

In today's world, goods are often interchangeable. Stocks are oversaturated. For businesses today, defining and creating distinctive selling propositions is more critical than ever. Service innovation enables businesses to create superior service solutions, distinguish themselves from the market over time, and reach out to new client segments. To give you an example, consider the following: Consumers choose one of two shops if they are similar to each other and both sell the same items at the same price. Customers choose one of the two shops because of the nature of the operation.

Improved customer retention

Customer satisfaction is heavily influenced by a service's perceived experience, which includes affordability, usability, and service quality. In all sectors, service is the most reliable loyalty engine. Customers will return to a brand if the service is good, so if the service is bad, customers will go to the competition. Service innovation aims to identify areas where businesses have customer service issues and how programs can benefit both consumers and businesses, and then develop strategies that add tangible value.


MIT ID Innovation

The MIT Institute of Design was established with the aim of strengthening relations with industry and society while also maintaining academic excellence in both processes and outcomes. The aim of the institute is to provide a learning atmosphere that prepares today's young minds to be architecture leaders that bring value to industry and society.

MIT ID is dedicated to pioneering groundbreaking and unconventional approaches to assisting concept doers in their evolution. By integrating a diverse student body with a highly seasoned faculty, the institute is able to create a complex and multifaceted learning atmosphere for students.

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