Why Corporate Innovation is important?




March 18, 2021

In the wave of modernization, it becomes extremely important for a corporate company to move along with the wave of modernization. The process in which these companies implement innovative ideas into their existing innovation culture is called corporate innovation

According to the Lab42 Innovation Survey, 84% of the survey respondents believe that they would prefer to buy from an innovative company. Thus, the workplace's design thinking process is extremely significant in an organization; thereby, highlighting the importance of corporate innovation. 

For a better understanding of the importance of corporate innovation, we have enumerated the following points - 


  • Sustain Growth

By adopting corporate innovation, a company could sustain its growth for a long time. According to the statistics from different sources, it has been concluded that an innovative organization offers standardized products over others in the industry. 

If a company adopts a design thinking process that modifies well according to the time, it could achieve heights by understanding and analyzing the company's customer base. Thus, innovation is necessary for business growth.


  • Gain a competitive edge

To be competitively ahead in the market, a company needs to be different. An innovation culture is inculcated in a company makes your company and your product different from that of your competitors, which is very likely to attract the attention of the customers. 

This, the competitive edge gained, can be used to build a reputation in the market that will ultimately lead to your company's growth.


  • Gain relevance in the market

The HR innovation process is significant and relevant as per the market as innovation will make your company prepared for the likeliness and perceived problems of the existing customers. 

If a company keeps stuck to conventional methods, the younger generation and the modern-day consumers are very less likely to like the particular company or product. Thus, an innovation adopted could help you in gaining relativity with the customers in the market.


  • More commitment to future growth plans

Future growth plans are based on the products of a company and how they will prove useful for the customers. If a company aims to adopt an innovation culture and keeps on modifying itself with the passage of time, a company's future growth plans would be more solid than ever.


  • Give employees more autonomy.

HR innovation, which is a part of innovation culture, aims to give more powers to the company's employees. If an employee is granted more autonomous power, his will power to work as well as the validity of his suggestions will increase more than ever. Thus, he would be able to contribute more efficiently to the company.

Thus, it is quite evident that corporate innovation is of immense importance in this highly competitive corporate world. Even though the process may seem a little complicated, the results are worth it. And with digitalization and globalization shaping the future every day, innovation is becoming a crucial part of businesses as well. 

Therefore, many institutions have started imparting knowledge and skills to create visionary professionals for the industry. MIT ID Innovation is one such institution dedicated to honing students' innovation skills to transform a potential talent into an asset for today's corporate world.

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